June 25, 2015

Tripolina Safari Chair

Safari Fusion blog | Tripolina safari chair | Traditional style canvas Tripolina chairs on safari in Kenya
Inspiration can come from anywhere, whilst browsing the web and dreaming of my next African safari I came across pictures from the Joy Adamson Museum in Kenya depicting an antique canvas Safari Chair.

Also known as a Campaign or Tripolina Chair [the name is derived from the Libyan city, Tripoli] these folding safari chairs were used by armies in North Africa. Lightweight and portable, they were the perfect officers chair as well as a safari chair for Africa's explorers and adventurers.

So after a little fabric sourcing from South Africa and Uganda, and finding a lovely maker in Australia, the Safari Fusion contemporary version of the Tripolina Chair was born.

Safari Fusion  blog | Tripolina safari chair | Tripolina Chair (tribal) by Safari Fusion www.safarifusion.com.au

Safari Fusion blog | Tripolina safari chair | Tripolina chair by Safari Fusion www.safarifusion.com.au
{Images: 1 Elephant Pepper Camp, 2-3 Joy Adamson Museum, 4-5 Safari Fusion}