February 17, 2012

Artist Dael Couturier

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite African / Australian artists late last year.

South African raised Dael Couturier now resides in Melbourne (she still has the accent!) and describes her family as the ‘United Nations’ - married to an Algerian (hence the French surname), a son born in Korea and an Australian father.

Dael’s exhibition displayed her latest works, a collection of paintings depicting traditional African rural village scenes. She paints from memories of her time in South Africa and also from snap shots taken on her visits back to her homeland.

 Strong faceless people, earthy colours and heavy textured oil paint is Dael’s trademark with her paintings. Her new collection continues this theme, and introduces bright pops of colour with lime green vegetation and women draped in raspberry and orange cloth.

For more information or to purchase one of Dael’s paintings contact Dael Couturier +61 (0) 413 487 929.

Original oil painting images courtesy of Dael Couturier © Dael Couturier 2012. All rights reserved.

South African born artist, Dael Couturier