February 24, 2012

Kapama Karula

Earthy African elegance are the best words to describe Kapama Karula, a private luxury lodge in South Africa.

The wilds of the southern African bushveld are well and truly tamed and calmed with a well-balanced mix of raw light timbers, soft neutral fabrics and carefully selected accent pieces.

I just love the twig chandelier and the mounted hippo (or could be elephant!) bones in the lounge and the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Armchairs in the dining area.

Although my camping days are well and truly over, I would definitely have no problem sleeping under canvas in one of the Karula Tents with a bathroom like that!

For more information visit the Kapama Karula website.

February 20, 2012

Colour blocking Bo Kaap

The eclectic community of the cobblestone streets of Bo Kaap, Cape Town have colour blocking down to a fine art.

Each house facade dating back to the 1700 and 1800s is painted in bright solid colours.

Community rules are that each house must be a different colour to your neighbour.

Photographs by Kellie Shearwood

February 17, 2012

Artist Dael Couturier

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite African / Australian artists late last year.

South African raised Dael Couturier now resides in Melbourne (she still has the accent!) and describes her family as the ‘United Nations’ - married to an Algerian (hence the French surname), a son born in Korea and an Australian father.

Dael’s exhibition displayed her latest works, a collection of paintings depicting traditional African rural village scenes. She paints from memories of her time in South Africa and also from snap shots taken on her visits back to her homeland.

 Strong faceless people, earthy colours and heavy textured oil paint is Dael’s trademark with her paintings. Her new collection continues this theme, and introduces bright pops of colour with lime green vegetation and women draped in raspberry and orange cloth.

For more information or to purchase one of Dael’s paintings contact Dael Couturier +61 (0) 413 487 929.

Original oil painting images courtesy of Dael Couturier © Dael Couturier 2012. All rights reserved.

South African born artist, Dael Couturier

February 15, 2012

Singita Lebombo

My thoughts the past week drifted away to thinking about my next visit to Africa; and how long it has been since I actually went on safari in South Africa (plenty of shopping, just no going bush!).

I then somehow ended up on Singita's website oohing and aahing over Singita Lebombo in Kruger National Park.

These pictures say it all, need I say more?

February 13, 2012

Bicycle Portraits

What started as a project by Stan Engelbrecht and fellow cyclist Nic Grobler to investigate South African bicycle culture has turned into a cycling photographic odyssey spanning more than 2 years, 500 portraits and covering over 6,000 km.

Cycling around South Africa photographing and interviewing people who use bicycles as an integral tool in their day-to-day existence; they have compiled a unique photographic series that captures this popular form of transport.

The best 165 portraits and stories are featured in a three-part book due for release early March. You can pre-order through Dayone Publishing.

February 10, 2012

Doors of Sidi Bou Said

I love taking photos on my travels. I sometimes find when exploring a town or city that my photos unintentionally follow a theme.

My theme on a visit to the Mediterranean village of Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia was Doors.

Walking the cobblestone streets I could not help but photograph every blue door I came across; so vibrant and beautiful against a backdrop of white washed walls.

Photographs by Kellie Shearwood

February 8, 2012

Recycled chandeliers

Who would have thought plastic could look so beautiful illuminated!

These Regency inspired chandeliers are part of the aptly named Magpie Art Collective's range of lighting, handcrafted from recycled plastic bottles.

Barrydale locals are encouraged to dispose of their plastic waste in the ‘Magpie’ street side recycling bin, with glass and other recyclables also accepted through a recycling specialist.

It is always nice to know that your garbage has a second life as part of an amazing art piece.

Click here to view more of the Magpie Art Collective's works.

Magpie Art Collective Regency Chandeliers

February 7, 2012

Welcome to the Safari Fusion blog!

East African Kanga cloth
The African continent captured my heart almost 20 years ago, and ever since that very first visit back in the early 1990s I have been fortunate to return to make new discoveries almost every year.

My love for travel adventures in Africa grew into a deep appreciation for the artistic talents of its people, the amazing arts and crafts, the incredible architecture and interior design.

I was always searching for that rarely visited, virtually unseen place in my previous career in travel and now use this skill to source amazing contemporary African arts and crafts for my store Safari Fusion.

Here on the Safari Fusion blog I will share those discoveries with you, and also introduce you to some of my old favourites that continue to inspire me.

I hope you enjoy the journey...